Monday, February 13, 2012

Why chickens are the perfect pets


This morning on The Today Show they were talking about backyard chickens.  They are becoming more and more popular.  You might want to peek in your neighbor's backyard.  Since they are so easy to keep and hens are so quiet, you never know.

You have chickens?

That's what nearly everyone asks next, after they find out about our family pets.  They just need to make sure they heard me correctly.   Perhaps it's because I don't come across to most as a rural loving farm girl.

But you don't have to live on a farm to have chickens, in some places, you just need a little bit of green space and a tidy chicken coop. 

To me, they're nearly ideal pets.  They feed us, more often than we feed them!  We have 2 chickens, Goldie and Paprika, and they each produce 1 egg a day, sometimes more.

Because there are just 2 of them, the chicken poop is not too bad, and we just sweep it into our flowering beds for extra fertilizer. 

And best of all, because my oldest daughter has several pet allergies, they can't come in the house - they have their own!

They're really beautiful to watch roaming around the yard and they both run up to us nearly every time we go outside. The kids love them and can't wait to check for eggs every morning.

TODAY anchor Amy Robach likes her eggs over-easy.

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